2015/2016 Updates


***Read until the end, saving the BEST news for last!

Dear loyal clients,

We hope that your summer was wonderful. It sure was a hot one around here! We have a lot to cover in this email to bring you up to speed on the 2016 tournament.

New Website

We have launched a new website, one that is reflective of our beautiful city and the opportunities that exist here. We will be adding information on local jobs, real estate, festivities, restaurants, caterers, businesses, etc., we would love to have your involvement. Please send any information you would like to be considered to


Each year, as we enter a new season, we reflect on what changes can be made to make our company the best that it can be.

We will be requesting additional information in regards to the use of your home. You will be given an opportunity to price your home as a sleeper, dinner, or host home. If you are not interested in being a host home, simply enter “not interested”. This information will be included in your contract and signed off on both sides to paint a clear understanding of the client’s program.

Our new system is wonderful-a vast improvement from what we were working with before, but it is still lacking in some areas.

The way that our business operates is to work directly with both renters and homeowners to find the “right” guests. This boutique experience requires a lot of time, research, and customer service that we feel in the end makes for a superior business arrangement.

Unfortunately, our system cannot show you how many times your home has been accessed or sent out. On our form, we try to ask all of the important information that our clients may need, if we require further information, we will contact you directly. If your home rents, please let us know so that we may flag it in our system, otherwise it will be considered available.

At times, it may seem like your home isn’t getting any attention when it’s possible that it could have been sent out 10 times that month. Less than 10% of our clients view their homes prior to their masters stay. That being said, the first communication you might hear from us is “it’s RENTED!”.

We recognize that not knowing can be frustrating. To address this, we will be sending out monthly reports on what the market is doing to help you gauge your chance of renting. You can gather the information from our report to see if a price modification is needed.

Our new system allows you to change your information after you have listed. Simply search “jotform” or “made fore a pro” and your email will come up (this is only if you have listed since July 23, 2015).

Need help?

We offer two products that can help assist or take over the listing process.

One on One: One on one is a personal visit where we offer an array of services ranging from a basic consult to taking pictures and completely listing your home.

Phone consult: If you have already listed and would like for someone to personally address your home, compare to other rentals, and help determine a price, please request.

Both forms can be found under the link titled “For Homeowners”

Market Update

Here is a list of our current rentals. It is important to recognize that many were listed in clusters or close walking distance from one another. You will also see that there are a high number of 5 bedroom homes, these are typically clients that rent early due to specific needs. We rent homes until February and generally see an increased demand around the holiday season.

Rentals by Number of Rooms

8- 1
7- 2
6- 4
5 - 14
4- 14
3- 2
2- 2

Rentals by Neighborhood:

The Hill/Summerville: 3
Jones Creek/West Lake: 5
Forest Hills: 17
Walking Distance to National: 2
Off walton and Wheeler: 4
Col. Cty Other: 1
Walton Way: 1
Other: 1
Country Club Hills:5

Current Needs By area:

The Hill/Summerville: High Demand
Jones Creek or West Lake: 12
Forest Hills: High Demand
Walking Distance to National: 5
Conifer or Highgate High Demand
Walton Way: 3
Country Club Hills: High Demand

Saving the BEST news for last!

We have decided to REFUND all $20 listings submitted for the 2016 tournament and will now be offering FREE LISTINGS year long. After Masters 2016, we will reconsider this, but right now it feels like the right thing to do. Give us a few days to return funds via paypal.
(refunds are not applicable to “one on one” or featured property listings).
Encourage your neighbors to list! Its a major plus to have as many bedrooms and bathrooms in one area as possible.

Featured properties will no longer be listed as an option, however, we might ask permission to use certain images or home information on our site. All featured property listings from the 2015 rental season will remain on the website through the 2016 tournament. Any homes that were listed for previous years may be removed.

Consider it a gift!

Here’s why…

Some houses are simply in high demand. It might be that your price is too high, the client might request a certain area, you might be lacking a much needed bathroom, perhaps its necessary for them to have covered outdoor dining, or they may be looking for a group of homes within walking distance of one another.

This is NOT something that reflects on the quality of your home. It has often been the case that a home that goes unrented one year is the first to rent the next!

We want to give each homeowner EVERY opportunity to rent. Paying a listing fee doesn’t guarantee that your home will be rented, and in the event that it doesn’t get rented, we don’t want you to feel as if you have paid money for which you didn’t reap a return.

We always go through our past databases to try to find “THE” home for our clients. But we ask that if you are interested in renting to please resubmit your information. The price that you enter will be the price that we present to our clients.

Consider Made Fore a Pro. Consider this an opportunity. Consider us your friends, and if you ever need anything, consider it done!

Important note on taxes…

A reminder that Made Fore a Pro is obligated to issue a 1099 based on the amount and year it was paid in; and that as the homeowner, you can easily make adjustments/reporting on your own 1040. It is possible that you can be paid for a partial year and a full year within the same calendar year depending on when your home rents, so please make sure to check the information Maureen sends (TWICE!). This information will be sent each January.


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